for flute and harp

1996 Newly Published Music competition "Honorable mention" from the: National Flute Association - Marshall University Departement of Music.

Edizioni: Alphonse Leduc (AL 28 883)

Nocturne et Sicilienne

for clarinet in SIb and harp

(recorded on the CD "OAP & Friends play Armando Ghidoni")


Ed. Alphonse Leduc (AL 29 558) 


Nocturne et Sicilienne

for alto sax (or sopr. or ten.) and harp

Ed. Alphonse Leduc (AL 29 562)

L'Etoile Inconnue
for: Flute, Clarinet (our alto sax) and Piano (or harp).
Ed. Alphonse Leduc
(AL 29505)

recorded on the CD : "OAP & friends play Armando Ghidoni"