Trio for: Flute, clarinet (or alto sax) and piano


Commissioned by:
Conservatoire de musique et danse 
Chaville (France)
First execution: 24 June 2001 
at theatre Atrium in Chaville.


Editions : Alphonse Leduc

(AL 29 369)






for clarinet, cello and piano.

Moderato ; Adagio ; Moderato

Composed for Sylvie Hue, Roger Boutry and Jean Barthe
recorded on CD "concertrino"
  Ed. Alphonse Leduc (AL 29 451)






Honorable Mention
2006 Newly Published Music Competition
The National Flute Association U.S.A.

for wind quintet

Flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon.

"Adagio-cadenze-Moderato ; Adagio ; Allegro vivo-Moderato"
recorded on the CD "Concertrino"
Ed. Alphonse Leduc (AL 29 521)




L'Etoile Inconnue
for: Flute, Clarinet (our alto sax) and Piano (or harp).
Ed. Alphonse Leduc
(AL 29505)

recorded on the CD : "OAP & friends play Armando Ghidoni"


Saxophone quartet (S.A.T.B.)

Ed. alphonse Leduc AL 29 739

Preludio: "Adagio cantabile";

 Fuga: "Moderato swing"

 for saxophone quartet

(sopr, alto, tenor and bar.)